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Pig Roast Catering / Hog Roast Catering Service based in Carmarthen

Hoggets Hog Roasts Catering is an established 5-star hygiene-rated Hog Roast Catering Company with a reputation for top-quality pig roasts across Wales. Our Hog Roast Catering Service also offers BBQ catering, an extensive range of meats and sides, crepe catering, and desserts.

Corporate events and wedding catering are special for Hoggets Hog Roasts and BBQs. We have attended many events throughout the three counties of West Wales (Ceredigion, Carmarthen, and Pembrokeshire), where we are really in our element. Attending these massive events in the industry has become second nature to us. With our extensive catering equipment and skills, we are fine delivering up to 2000 people at a music festival or significant event.

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Pig Roast Catering 

Selection of Pork cooking styles

Spit Roasted Hog Roast

Here at Hoggets Hog Roast catering and barbecues, we have been established for over 20 years with a food hygiene rating of five stars. You know you're in safe hands. With many different types of hog roast catering, we specialise in spit roast slow, cooked hog roast for over 10 hours while it rotates on a spit, keeping all its succulent flavour and some juices in the meat.

spit roast pork catering wales

Tray Roasted Hog Roast

Another great way of cooking a whole pig is in a tray inside its juices. At the same time, it cooks stuffing, and herbs can also be added towards the end of the cook so that they can extract all the flavours from the fat and juices. This method of cooking a pig works well if you want it presented inside a wedding reception on a table. It is a great showpiece; you don't need to worry about it falling off the spit while cooking. You have nothing to show for your guests.

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork consists of leg joints, slow roasted between 10 and 14 hours and then gently prised apart and pulled. Pork can be served plain and just have the flavours from the meat and juices, or it can be coated in a barbecue suit source, giving you the aspect of slow-cooked barbecue style.

pulled pork catering wales

Mobile Hog Roast catering

Our mobile hog roast catering service covers a vast area of Wales, providing our service for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and large gatherings. Please email us using our quick contact form at the top of the page, listing the postcode and area, for example, Carmarthen Swansea Tenby, etc. We can come back to you with the relevant costs and information.

Here at Hoggart Hogg Catering and Barbecues, we have been established for over 20 years. With a food hygiene rating of five stars, you know you're in safe hands. With many different types of hog roast catering to be had, we specialise in spit roast. We slow-cook hog roast for over a 10-hour period while it rotates on a spit, keeping all its succulent flavour and juices in the meat.

Hog Roast Catering Service

We have an excellent track record for hog roasts and pig roast events for private and corporate functions. We will answer all your questions so you do not have to worry about anything related to the hog roast itself, and we will stay in close contact with you leading up to the event. Please read here if you want to hire our pig roast catering equipment. Thanks.



If you require a quality Hog Roast Catering Service based in Carmarthen that caters to all of Wales, call HHR Catering today.


1. 50% will be taken on your confirmed booking.
2. Until the booking is cleared in our account the dates are not guranteed.

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